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Title: Country Feedback Artist: R.E.M. 89 plays

Country Feedback live at Twickenham, 2008. The last time I saw R.E.M. and I never thought I’d hear them play this song. 

Title: The Holiday Song Artist: Pixies 579 plays
Title: Animal Artist: R.E.M. 19 plays

R.E.M. - Animal 

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Title: Blue Artist: R.E.M. 39 plays

R.E.M. // Blue

Title: Suffer Little Children Artist: The Smiths 2,345 plays

The Smiths // Suffer Little Children

Title: So. Central Rain [live] Artist: R.E.M. 179 plays

R.E.M. - So. Central Rain [live at Holland - Document reissue]

Title: Lightnin' Hopkins (Live at Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, Holland) Artist: R.E.M. 49 plays

R.E.M. - Lightnin’ Hopkins (live at Holland - Document anniversary edition)

Title: The Man Who Would Be King Artist: The Libertines 1,255 plays

The Libertines // The Man Who Would Be King

Hard to choose a favourite Libertines song, but I’d say this is it.

Title: Tender (Live) Artist: Blur 1,655 plays

Crowd singing along to Tender (live at Hyde Park 2012)

Title: The Universal (Live) Artist: Blur 2,429 plays

Blur - The Universal (live at Hyde Park 2012)