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Title: The Man Who Would Be King Artist: The Libertines 1,373 plays

The Libertines // The Man Who Would Be King

Hard to choose a favourite Libertines song, but I’d say this is it.

Johnny Marr and Pete Doherty playing ‘Jeane’


Title: Breck Rd. Boys In The Band Artist: The Libertines 899 plays

The Libertines // Boys In The Band

I was in Dublin Castle innocently minesweeping drinks into my pint glass at the time. I looked around. He was accompanied by Mani from The Stone Roses and Finley Quaye; you could almost hear the sound of a hundred necks craning to get a better look at them all. Peter approached Liam and said something to him which I couldn’t make out, though Liam’s voice cut across the room: “I’m the Devil’s dick, me.”

Carl Barat on meeting Liam Gallagher
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The Libertines // The Good Old Days